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Corona Statement of Pilots

Lotsenbrüderschaft NOK2 / Kiel / Lübeck / Flensburg

To whom it may concern


In order to mitigate the threat of transmission of the COVID-19 (CORONA Virus) to the KIEL, LUEBECK & FLENSBURG maritime community, the KIEL, LÜBECK & FLENSBURG PILOTs inform vessel operators about the following measures that are undertaken by the district pilots from KIEL & LUEBECK & CANAL in their organization, prior to the pilot boarding, and also during work
at the vessel’s transit within KIEL, LÜBECK, FLENSBURG & CANAL.

All Measures undertaken by the individual pilots are in full compliance with rules established by Federal German Government on March 20, 2020. E.g. "no contact", "safe distance of at least 1,5m to other individuals" and „hand-washing-procedures“.

Strict measures are also undertaken at the pilot stations, transfer vessels (pilot boats) and vessels to minimize contact among pilots and crew.

The pilot association strongly recommends pilots not to resume duty, even if they have a “normal seasonal cold or cough”.

No pilot will resume duty, if he has returned from outside Germany, or been in contact with other people showing positive CORONA signs, within a period of 14 days.

These measures are in full compliance with recently provided WHO / IMO / IMPA guidelines.

And, with all due respect, every pilot in Germany works under goverments supervision, and therefore will do anything that is possible to provide vessels and crew a safe passage.

Respectfully Yours

2. April 2020

Martin Finnberg Marcus Meyer
Chairman Chairman Lübeck Pilots

 CORONA PBStatement Pilots.pdf

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