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COVID 19 Notice to vessel

Lotsenbrüderschaft NOK II / Kiel / Lübeck / Flensburg
Körperschaft des öffentlichen Rechts

In order to mitigate the threat of transmission of the COVID-19 (Corona Virus) to the KIEL, LUEBECK & FLENSBURG maritime community the KIEL, LÜBECK &FLENSBURG PILOTs respectfully request vessel operators take the following measures during their vessel’s transit to KIEL & LUEBECK & CANAL, prior to the pilot boarding, and also during the vessel’s transit within KIEL, LÜBECK, FLENSBURG & CANAL with a pilot aboard:

Ships side:
• Cool and dry conditions should be maintained on the bridge. Avoid hot and humid conditions which may enable a virus to stay alive on surfaces. „Cool“ is not „deepfrozen“ …
• Any crew member entering the bridge should thoroughly wash their hands and face prior to entering the bridge, and wash their hands again immediately upon entering.
• Maintain a supply of hand sanitizer on the bridge. Any member of the bridge team should use hand sanitizer on their hands immediately after touching their face at all.
• All coffee cups and utensils on bridge should be washed thoroughly.
• Do not eat on the bridge.
• In the hour prior to the pilot boarding, please clean the wheelhouse with a suitable, desinefectant cleaner (including the chart table, instruments, chairs, helm, entire console, hand rails, windows, etc.)
• Please only allow essential personnel allowed in the wheelhouse while a pilot is onboard.

Pilot Side:
• Wash your hands before and after boarding, during pilotage
• Avoid face contact of your hands.
• Avoid handshakes and minimize ship surface contacts.
• Keep a safety distance to crew of 2m if practicable.
• Pilots should bring their own coffee cups or use oneway cups, do not use the ships cups.
• Pilots should not eat on the bridge.
• Make awareness of the above conditions part of the Master/Pilot Exchange.
• If the helmsman or ship’s officers see the pilot fail to comply with the above conditions, then they should speak up and remind the pilot to do so.

2. April 2020

Martin Finnberg Marcus Meyer
Chairman Chairman Lübeck Pilot

 CORONA-COVID 19 Notice.pdf

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